Avoid long queues at the day's taking and buy your ticket for this years CosDay² now! By ordering now,

we'll comfortably send you your ticket by mail.

Unfortunately, the online ticket sale is closed.

We provide the remaining tickets at our day's taking at the event.

Save time and enjoy our discount

Through pre-ordering a ticket now you can not only save time but also enjoy our discount. We'll send you your ticket comfortably by mail, so you won't have to worry anymore about being able to purchase a ticket at the day's taking or queuing up for too long.

Day's taking Pre-order Stage I Pre-order Stage II Pre-order Stage III
Weekend €27,- €20,- €22,- €25,-
Saturday €22,- €15,- €17,- €20,-
Sunday €17,- €10,- €12,- €15,-

If you pre-order a weekend ticket you get the chance to receive an goodie bag at the Convention location. *

* while stocks last