Tickets for CosDay² 2018 now available

Secure your personal ticket directly!

Just in time for the start of the New Year, the pre-order for the CosDay² 2018 will also start.

Buying a ticket in advance saves you valuable time and money, because you will receive the tickets before the event and you don't need to get on the spot anymore (shipping is optional).

Take advantage of our early booking offers and save up to 25%* in price.


This year we also offer you the possibility to pay your tickets directly via PayPal (without additional fees). Unfortunately, we can no longer offer e-tickets this year. You can choose whether you want to have the ticket sent in advance (€ 2, - surcharge) or pick it up at the box office.

We look forward to your visit!


You can now buy them at the following link:

Note: This year, we collect age, gender and zip code of the ticket holder for each ticket. This data is for purely statistical purposes and will be evaluated anonymously. It will no longer be necessary to enter the name of the holder for each ticket.


The prices are:

Pre-sale stage 1 (until 15.02.2018):

Weekend: 20 Euro
Saturday: 15 Euro
Sunday: 10 Euro


Pre-sale stage 2 (15.02.2018 – 31.03.2018):

Weekend: 22 Euro
Saturday: 17 Euro
Sunday: 12 Euro


Pre-sale stage 3 (31.03.2017 – 15.06.2018):

Weekend: 25 Euro
Saturday: 20 Euro
Sunday: 15 Euro


Day's taking:

Weekend: 27 Euro
Saturday: 22 Euro
Sunday: 17 Euro


CosDay² will be held at 21th and 22th of july 2018.