CosNight Cosplayball 2020 Rules & Dresscode

When attending the CosNight Cosplayball 2020, we kindly ask you to observe the following rules and the dress code.


In general, the house rules of the main event CosDay² apply. There are however minor additions or changes:

  • The minimum age to participate in the CosNight Cosplayball is 16 years. An age check will take place at the entrance of the event. Please have an official photo identification (identity card, driving licence, residence permit, etc.) ready.
  • The dress code below applies. Access can be denied if the dress code is not observed. In this case there is no right to a refund of the ticket price.


To give the evening a festive look, we have set a few rules about your outfits. When you enter the CosNight Cosplayball 2020 we will do a dresscode check. So please follow the rules below to avoid any problems during the entrance.

You don't have to wear tap shoes or glass slippers, but we do ask that you do not enter the parquet floor too casually. In addition to classic evening wear, uniforms, crossplays and many other character designs can be created in a style appropriate for the evening. All festive outfits are allowed, which enrich the evening flair. Since this is rather subjective, we ask you to keep the following points:

  • Décolletés should not allow deep glances, not even at gentlemen.
  • Trousers, skirts or dresses reach down from the top to above the knees.
  • This includes appropriate, elegant footwear.
  • Please refrain from bulky costumes and larger, hard constructions, which disturb you or others when dancing.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at any time per E-Mail. You can also send us a photo of your costume and we will tell you if it is suitable for the ball.