Opening hours

The opening hours of the CosDay² 2021 are:

Saturday, 17. July 2021 10:00am – 8:00pm
Sunday, 18. July 2021 10:00am – 06:00pm
Cashpoint opening on both days 09:00am

Our Convention location is throughout passable for disabled people. Every room as well as our toilets are approachable for disabled people.


The prices for day's taking and pre-order are split as seen below.

Regular ticket prices

Day's takings Winter-Special Pre-sale phase I Pre-sale phase II
Weekend €27,– €19,– * €23,– €25,–
Saturday €24,– €15,– * €19,– €21,–
Sunday €20,– €10,– * €14,– €17,–

*) only available in limited quantities

You would like to support us additionally?

With the supporter ticket you get access on both days of the event and support us financially so that we can expand our program.

The supporter ticket is available in advance and at the box office for € 29,- and entitles you to admission on both days of the event.

Special conditions for families and severely disabled persons

For the CosDay² 2021 we are offering special conditions for families and severely handicapped people (from 50%) for the first time. These are also available in advance and can be picked up at the event. The same prices apply at the box office.

families (2 parents + up to 4 children up to and including 13 years old) severely disabled person (from 50%)
Weekend €29,– €20,–
Saturday €25,– €15,–
Sunday €22,– €12,–

An accompanying person, if necessary, is free of charge (marker B on the severely disabled person's pass required).

Note: Tickets for families and severely disabled persons must be collected at the information desk. Proof of this must be presented upon request.