Avoid the long wait at the box office and secure tickets for the CosDay² 2020 in advance and receive the ticket before the event begins (optional).

Please note that we can only provide a limited number of tickets at the box office. If you order them in advance, you are sure to have your ticket!

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Save time and enjoy our discount

By purchasing a ticket in advance you save valuable time and money, because you will receive the tickets before the event on request and you don't need to queue up on the spot any more. Furthermore, we offer you cheaper prices in advance than at the box office.

Take advantage of our early booking offers and save up to 25%* in price.

Regular ticket prices

Day's takings Winter-Special Pre-sale phase I Pre-sale phase II
Weekend €27,– €19,– * €23,– €25,–
Saturday €24,– €15,– * €19,– €21,–
Sunday €20,– €10,– * €14,– €17,–

If you pre-order a weekend ticket you get the chance to receive an goodie bag at the Convention location.**

Buy tickets now!