Ever since 2013 the NordWestZentrum is an inherent part of the CosDay². Thanks to the close cooperation with the shopping mall we’re able to display the topic of contemporary Japanese culture to the visitors of the NordWestZentrum.

CosDay² PublicStage
CosDay² PublicStage

Thanks to the wide range of different shops the NordWestZentrum has to offer, you’re able to buy everything you may need to sew and repair your Cosplay. For the small hunger you’ll find, opposite the Titus-Forum, a McDonalds or a few different small coffee shops or restaurants just as well as a supermarket. Everything you may need narrowed down to one place. But the most significant attribute of the location is for sure the swimming pool ‘Titus-Therme’ right behind the Convention location. There you’ll be able to relax with a jump into the cool water of the pool or just a nice relaxing sauna session.

Architectural are both, the NordWestZentrum as well as the Titus-Forum, interesting settings for modern-urban photo shootings. Even for those who prefer it greener, we’re able to offer a suitable location thanks to the nearby park.

As you can see, is the location offering a very special mixture of different influences, which makes a visit at the CosDay² to a very special kind of a memorable trip.