Located right in the shopping center of Frankfurt, surrounded by 150 different shops, is the SAALBAU Titus-Forum, the CosDay² Convention location.

The Titus-Forum at the NordWestZentrum Frankfurt has a few significant attributes which make it to be a one-of-a-kind location for the CosDay². It’s a three-story building which allows, thanks to its widespread, to breathe freely even through the crowd of a Convention. With the five different clubrooms we’re able to not only present a diverse range of workshops, karaoke and a TCG area but a separate changing room as well. This allows the Cosplayer to easily and comfortably put his Cosplay on and off as much as he wants, thanks to the separated changing cabines. At both Foyers, on the lower and upper floor, is more than enough room for shopping, the Japanese restaurant and, of course, to stroll around.

Thanks to the enormous ceiling height at the Titus-Forum nobody needs to be afraid of hitting their head somewhere. Not even protruding Cosplays will have problems in our interior areas.

Two performing halls, which give room for performances of all kind, complete our diversity of activities in the inner area. The main stage offers seating up to 650 people, for those who want to enjoy the different showacts the CosDay² has to offer. The smaller performing hall used to be a movie theater, but hosts a stage for performances nowadays. Its significant charm is definitely its familiar atmosphere.

Thanks to its very unique location right in the middle of a shopping mall, the Titus-Forum has a special ambience that can’t be found like this anywhere else.