House rules

Since we want it to be a nice weekend for everyone, there are a few rules everyone needs to consider and to observe.

Following you'll find a short listing of the general rules and the age notes.

General rules

  1. Throughout the whole convention location are the house rules, which hang around the location, in force.
  2. Smoking is forbidden all around the location, which includes the Saalbau Titus-Forum and the mall.
  3. Selling stuff as well as handing out info material, is without agreement of the project management, forbidden.
  4. Cleanness is important throughout the location. Painting, putting stickers up, or other kind of blemishing of the walls is forbidden.
  5. Alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden, which includes water pipes e.g. Shishas or bongs, as well. In case of finding someone carrying any of these things, the visitor can be escorted off the location and may be forbidden to return.
  6. Open fire such as campfires are highly forbidden.
  7. Rollerblades or skates, such as skateboards, of any kind are forbidden and only allowed as part of an Cosplay. Which means they are only allowed to be carried around and not worn or used.
  8. Playing with a ball is forbidden, since other visitors could get injured easily.
  9. Power outlets are not allowed to use, exceptions are organizers, security or exhibitor. In some cases there can be made an exception, if beforehand agreed upon an organizer.
  10. Living animals are forbidden, except they serve a medical issue e.g. guide dogs. In case of acting against this rule, the organizers may call the police and other authorities which may bring to press charges against the initiatior.
  11. Escape and emergency routes have to be clear. Staircases do not serve as seatings.
  12. Whoever enters the convention shows his consent with possible foto or film recordings of himself by the organiser for impression illustrations.
  13. Never leave bags or luggage unattended.
  14. Last but not least a general warning about the possibility of burglary: Please keep an eye on your belongings, since the organizers can't take accountability in case of an occurring burglary. Which includes damaged or stolen things such as bags, purses, etc.

Informations about age and severely disabled

  • Children up to the age of 9 years have free admission to the convention. A respectively proof of age is to keep at hand and to be shown upon request.
  • Children below the age of 14 years need to be accompanied by a parent (or an respectively by a parent legalized adult or respectively legal guardian).
  • Teenager between the age of 14 to 15 years, which aren’t attending the convention with a parent or legal guardian, aren’t allowed to stay after 10pm. The security guards have the right to request a proof of age after 10pm.
  • Teenagers between the age of 16 to 17 years, which aren’t attending the convention with a parent or legal guardian, aren’t allowed to stay after 12pm.
  • The whole location is handicapped accessible, we as well provide handicapped accessible toilets.
  • Severely handicapped persons get free Admission for an accompanying person. The disabled person card must be shown on demand.
  • Throughout the whole convention location does every guest has to have a proof of age at hand, such as ID-card, passport or drivers license. The staff reserves the right to perform identity checks on spec.

Last update: 17.06.2017