Rules for wearing a cosplay

By wearing a Cosplay at the convention or around the location itself you should pay attention to these following rules.

You have to cover your genital area at all times, in addition to this, please refrain from obscene gestures or actions. If a guest may be caught at breaking one of these rules, an exclusion from the convention may occur.

The follow weapon rules are to be considered at all cost. Show fights are forbidden. The organizer of the convention can't take responsibility for guests which are wearing a Cosplay outside of the location. Please be aware, that there might occur the risk – especially after the break of darkness – for guests which wear a Cosplay, to be harassed.

We advise every Cosplayer to always have decent – workaday clothes – with them and change at the convention location, instead of already arriving in their Cosplay.

Weaponry rules

Even tho we know, a lot of Cosplays require weapons, there are a few rules you should consider at the convention location to avoid injuring yourself or others. This is underpinned thanks to the German weapons law (WaffG), which we're required to observe. The following rules are based on this law, which require us to take responsibility and check all weapons at the location.

In case of doubt are securities in charge of judge if an weapon is to be allowed carrying around or not. This sentence is definitely and can't be contested. Acting against it, can be sentenced with the order to leave the convention.

We differ 4 different classes

  1. Banned weapons
  2. Objected weapons
  3. Allowed weapons
  4. Non-weapons



  1. Banned weapons

    … aren't allowed to be brought to the location or into it.
    Those who still try, risk losing not only their ticket, but can be ordered to leave the Convention and stay away as well. It does not matter if the person has a legal gun license.

    Banned weapons are for example:
    Real guns, SoftAir pistols or other riot guns, real munition, explosive bombs or substances, fireworks, brass knuckles, club, strangling weapons, slashing knifes with sharp or butt blades or pointy ends.


  2. Objected Weapons

    … will be taken at entering the Convention and be stored. These can be fetched again after leaving the Convention. May they be important for an Cosplay competition, are they brought backstage from an organizer and are only allowed to be used throughout the competition.

    Objected weapons are for example:
    Slashing knifes with substitute blades made out of wood or plastic (e.g. Katanas, swords, sabers, machete, axe, knifes of all kinds except for pocket knifes) bar and poles out of wood, metal or fiber glass, hard plastic, or combinations of them, as well when they are splittet into several parts (e.g. Kendo equipment, bamboo blades, etc.) above the length of 1 m, arrows of all kind not depending on the material, riding crops above the length of 1 m, whips above the length of 1 m or 1,5 m depending on their kind.


  3. Allowed weapons

    … are allowed to be carried around throughout the whole Convention.

    Allowed weapons are for example:
    Gun imitations made out of foam material, rubber, soft plastic, board, LARP-weapons (“Live Action Role Play” - usually made out of foam or latex with an stabilizing core), weapons and poles with an combination of wood and/ or board/ plastic/ soft material (when the wood percentage isn't overbalancing), poles which clearly show they are only support, bow and quiver without arrows, whips as long as they do not contradict the rules above, Water guns only without filling.


  4. None-weapons

    … are items and objects which aren't weapons but still can cause a security or injury risk for others.

    None-weapons are for example:
    Collars and neckbands are allowed as long as they don't have an loop (to e.g. fasten a leash), spikes below 5 cm and without an pointy end, metal and plastic chains are allowed as long as they aren't diminishable from the Cosplay/ weapon/ decoration.


    Sport equipment can count as weapon, the weapon check is to judge in this case.
    Music equipment isn't a weapon and neither are umbrellas.

    In case of doubt is the weapon check or security to judge or the acceptability of the weapon.

Last update: 12.07.2017