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Pre-sales to start shortly

Starting at 01.12.2019, 4pm

You've wondered what's going to happen after the announcement? Well...! We'll get you in the mood for the pre-Christmas ticket sale! The advance sale for the CosDay² 2020 starts christmasy on 01.12.2019 at 16:00 o'clock! … read more

CosDay² 2019 – 04th – 05th of July 2020

Save the date!

We are happy to announce that CosDay² will start again next year! Thanks to the untiring efforts of the CosDay e. V. board and the members, we were able to coordinate the first weekend of July together with the SAALBAU and… read more

How to collect your ticket

Buy online tickets today!

You have already bought your ticket for CosDay² and haven't received it yet? Then you probably chose to collect your ticket at the frontgate of our convention. You'll find the ticket collecting booth outside the main entrance… read more

"Dojin" means kindred spirits II

2 workshops about "Dojin" events

There will be held two workshops that are themed to "Dojin" events and markets in japan. The second workshop is hosted by Yoichi alone and he will give an brief introduction on the usual language used when visiting an… read more

"Dojin" means kindred spirits I

2 workshops about "Dojin" events

There will be held two workshops that are themed to "Dojin" events and markets in japan. In the first one, Ginjake and Yoichi Sakai will talk about how to organise such an event and what challenges will be met along the way.… read more

CosDay² 2018: Matsuri

That is our theme

CosDay² shows its colorful side! Thanks to our cooperation with the management of the NordWestZentrum Frankfurt we are able to display some of our most elaborate pieces within the mall itself and show a bit of our showprogram… read more

- Live Drawing with Sternenreh -

How to make Zines

Zines are small booklets (4 - 16 pages), which you can make simply own your own. On the UStage drawing artist Sternenreh will show you how it is done and answers every question about Zines, that pop into your mind. Where:… read more

YourCosDay at the CosDay² 2018

Your Con, Your Style, YourCosDay!

You have a really cool talent and always wanted so be on stage and show it to the world? You‘ve come to the right convention! Just send an email to and attach a video, an audio file or pictures (depending… read more

CosDay² fashion show

Let‘s be fashionable

Our very own CosDay² fashion show is back again this year! It took for ever to make, you waited for so long and now you're just absolutely happy with your cosplay? So head on up to the PublicStage and sign up for our fashion… read more