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Workshop Cosplay-Wigs

By kukkii-san on Sunday

Cosplayer „kukkii-san“ gives tips on purchasing a wig and how to style it perfectly. How do I find the right haircolor? How do I make curls or spikes? How do I cut bangs? The answers to these question and how to put on a wig… read more

The new Info booth at CosDay²

Do you know it yet?

Today we're introducing the all new info booth at CosDay≤. It is operated by Manuel, and you can come and get your crowdfunding rewards, ask any question about the event or solve problems. The info booth os located right… read more

100 Answers – The Quiz

On the U-Stage

You know anything about japanese Pop-Culture? You know at least one Ramen-Flavour or you can name one videogame console? Well, then you're ready to participate in the 100 Answers competation. Even if you're not selected as a… read more

Tommy Krappweis at CosDay²

Touring with his new book

Tommy Krappweis, well known author, comedian, producer and director comes back to CosDay² After his big success with „Mara und der Feuerbringer“ last year at our convention he will be back presenting his new book… read more

Drawing-Class with Yaya-Chan

Register now!

Beginning from the 23rd of May until the 11th of July our CosDay² art-illustrator Yaya-Chan will be holding Drawing-Classes at the japanese center of culture in Frankfurt/Main every monday. More informations, time periods… read more

Let's Play Pocky & Rocky 2

At CosDay² 2016

We rescued Princesses a lot: As Plumbers, As Heros, As Princes,…. but why should always males be the ones to save the day? Females are just as good and why not try a new setting like the ancient japan? We want to try out… read more

Your CosDay – A few places left

Take your chance now!

The first round for an application to be part of „YourCosDay“ is already over. But: There some few places still available, so take your chance now and apply for „YourCosDay“. Let us show the visitors of the NordWestZentrum… read more

CosDay-Comic by Fuku & Yaya-Chan

Pre-Order the Book now

As teasered on Buchmesse Frankfurt 2015 the Manga for the CosDay will be available soon; from our artists Fuku und Yaya-Chan. Look forward to a funny short-story with our Mascots – a scribble of the first four sites can be… read more

Your CosDay 2016

Get involved!

Because it was a blast last year, we would like to offer the "Your CosDay" Event on our Public Stage again. You can test out your talent for cosplaying, singing, dancing, acting or whatever you would like to show the people… read more

Get Creative!

Painting Competition started!

Again this year we will host a painting competition before the CosDay². This time the theme is "Create the perfect cosplay for our mascots" As long as you did it yourself you may use the traditional way of painting (on… read more