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- Live Drawing with Sternenreh -

How to make Zines

Zines are small booklets (4 - 16 pages), which you can make simply own your own. On the UStage drawing artist Sternenreh will show you how it is done and answers every question about Zines, that pop into your mind. Where:… read more

YourCosDay at the CosDay² 2018

Your Con, Your Style, YourCosDay!

You have a really cool talent and always wanted so be on stage and show it to the world? You‘ve come to the right convention! Just send an email to and attach a video, an audio file or pictures (depending… read more

CosDay² fashion show

Let‘s be fashionable

Our very own CosDay² fashion show is back again this year! It took for ever to make, you waited for so long and now you're just absolutely happy with your cosplay? So head on up to the PublicStage and sign up for our fashion… read more

About Facebook & Instagram

A wokshop by Snowblind Cosplay

Snowblind Cosplay is dedicating themselves in this workshop on how to use Facebook & Instagram as a cosplayer. What kind of traps lurk inside the social media networks when it comes to presenting oneself in photos and how can… read more

Bring'n Buy & Karaoke

Exclusively for ticket holders

Important service annoucement: This year we offer the Bring'n Buy as well as the Karaoke exclusively for ticket holders. Altough you may buy from the Bring'n Buy without a ticket, if you want to sell your pieces you have to… read more

Time Traveling at CosDay²!

All Stars present their 3rd Play:

After the rescue of Arcadia Bays and the death of her best friend Chloe Price, Max finds some photos of Rachel Amber. Right away she decides to go back to the past to find out who this girl was. But is it really a good idea… read more

Workshop: How to make a plush

By Fuchsherz

Fuchsherz is an expert on how to make plushs. In the workshop they will show you how to create your own plush. At first they will talk about theoretical information considering plush creation. In the second part you will be… read more

Maido no Kisetsu lottery

to celebrate 10 years @CosDay²

We are celebrating a 10 year long partnership with our Maid-Café called Maido no Kisetsu. For ten years the ladies and gents of the Maido no Kisetsu have served and played and performed for our guests. Loyal to the saying… read more

The power of words

Poetry Slam at the CosDay² 2018

On sunday, the 22nd of july, at 1:45 PM, the next round of the CosDay² Poetry Slam will be held on our U-Stage. Contestants have 6 minutes on stage to present their texts, every minute you take longer will result in points… read more

Riuchi Master of Light

Live at CosDay² 2018

Witness Riuchi’s inspiring journey through this groundbreaking show presented in festivals around the world. Rooted in traditional Japanese rituals, arts and techniques, Riuchi bridges the gap between ancient and futuristic.… read more