CosDay² fashion show

Let‘s be fashionable

Our very own CosDay² fashion show is back again this year!

It took for ever to make, you waited for so long and now you're just absolutely happy with your cosplay? So head on up to the PublicStage and sign up for our fashion show to show your cosplay to the world.

When and Where?

Sign up: Saturday from opening till 14:30 o‘clock at the technician’s booth next to the escalator. (At the sign up you‘ll tell us the name you want to be called by onto the stage and the name of your character/the anime that you are cosplaying.)

Appearance: 15:15 o‘clock until estimatedly 16 o‘clock. (Please gather at the technician’s booth at 14:55 o‘clock, so that we can check if everyone‘s there!)

We are looking forward to see you and your awesome cosplays!